Goal was to seperate plastic cups from the rest of the festival waste. We created Re-Pete!

Re-Pete frees all visitors from their empty plastic cups and helps to keep the festival site clean. Whoever wants to get rid of his empty cup, shoot it into the hungry belly of Re-Pete with an air pressured shooter or throw it directly into his mouth. Re-Pete is inevitable. With its 10-meter-long body, it boasts a huge raw material monster beside the main stage. From the side you can see how many cups have been handed in up to that point. Re-Pete starts the day hungry, but gets more and more full of all the cups, until he is completely full of all the litter he eats. At the end of the Liberation Festival, Facebook announced it has collected over 50.000 cups and saved from burning or landfill.

Eat, drink, feed Re-Pete
Re-Pete has its own musical re-mix: ‘eat, drink, feed, Re-Pete’ (inspired by the hit of Fatboy Slim & Riva Star: ‘eat, drink, rave, repeat’) to let everyone know that he wants all the cups. The more cups visitors collect, the cleaner the festival site is. Moreover, these cups are recycled into new products.
Re-Pete is part of the Beautiful litter program from ROVA. This program focuses on preventing and combating litter. With Re-Pete, ROVA wants to involve the visitors of the festival in their mission to keep the environment clean and beautiful together and to reduce the amount of residual waste. The organization of the Liberation Festival Overijssel welcomes the initiative. “Re-Pete is a great idea and a fun way to encourage people to keep the festival grounds clean. We are going to get Re-Pete completely full! ”


Re-Pete Rova

What I Did

Idea, Poduction and execution.